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I want revenge against anyone who’s ever been mean to me.
— Patty Bladell.

Patricia "Patty" Kendall Bladell is a main character on Insatiable. She is played by Debby Ryan.

Patty is also the girlfriend of Brick Armstrong in the first season and half of the second season. She is 22-years-old.


As Patty mentioned herself, she is destructive, not only to herself but also to those close to her. She is usually too honest for her own good; which is seen; by the fact that; she ruined Bob Armstrong's life; by telling everyone he is having an affair; with another man at her birthday roast in "Banana Heart Banana". This may be partially; due to her mother, Angie Bladell; who is a bad mother, ignoring her throughout her childhood; due to the bullying, she received; during the time she was overweight. Patty is seen to have psychotic and homicidal tendencies, and her eating is revealed to be a subconscious mechanism of hiding the truth about everything. She also tends to rush; into relationships too quickly. But despite this, she is seen to still have some good in her; since she is actually more of a vigilante than an evil person.

Patty is a bit petty and she is very passionate; when it comes to her dreams and what she knows she wants. She is revenge-fueled and ambitious, hard-working to get to the top.

Patty's vengeful and very quick to do something that; she might regret later. She grows more intelligent; by the end of season one; despite not knowing the difference between being a villain and simply being a vigilante; who unfortunately murders people and is more cunning as the series continues. Patty is innocent or so she seems and is nothing; but a victim of slightly overweight-shaming and bullying.

Patty is loyal, sassy, bossy and hot-headed.


Patty Bladell is a very pretty girl, with naturally beautiful dirty-blonde curls, big hazel eyes and pretty features.

In the first season, in the "Pilot" episode, Patty was shown to be overweight and was bullied by her classmates and due to her weight, she was the butt of cruel jokes. After the homeless guy, "John" punches her in the face, she loses a significant amount of weight (70 pounds), because her jaw was wired shut due to being on a liquid diet. After she loses weight, she begins to wear more modern clothing, but throughout the show, Patty is described to be incredibly self-conscious about her body.


Patty always ate a lot in her childhood. She was bullied at school for being fat. She went on her first diet at the age of eight. She always wanted revenge on the people who brought her down, so when she got into a fight with a homeless man and got punched back she lost weight after having her mouth sewn short for awhile. She met Bob Armstrong, her lawyer with a passion for coaching girls to participate in beauty pageant, and both of them saw the opportunity. She therefore started participating in beauty pageants and after going through many rough situations, she got first place at The Miss American Lady pageant.

Miss Bareback Buckaroo 2018[]

Patty, who had a crush on Bob Armstrong, plays the song "Sexual" in the car while they are driving to the Miss Bareback Buckaroo Pageant. Upon arrival, Bob warns Patty about Stella Rose Buckley and how direct she can be.


Season 2[]


After the events of the previous season, Patty and Bob are trying so hard to win Miss American Lady and any criminal thing, but the murderous rampage from the latest season catches up with her. The killing and violent nature of Patty comes in. She goes to jail because of some actions, but she's able to be part of the beauty contest in jail, even though she thinks that she "found the meaning of life" she gets disturbed by other prisoners, interrupting her while she is eating, sleeping and using the restroom, at least in this one she tried to be kind, she was scared but the prisoner didn't see her private parts because her pants were on her legs.


  1. Kitty Bladell - Absorbed her twin in the uterus.
  2. John (survived) - Poured alcohol on him and prepared to light him on fire but stopped because he broke her jaw three months earlier, but stopped
  3. John - Caused him to have a heart attack after shouting at him because he punched her, broke her jaw and tried to frame her for attempted murder and arson.
  4. Dixie Sinclair (survived) - Pushed off a food truck in self-defense.
  5. Stella Rose Buckley (survived) - Ran over with a stolen food truck twice in self-defense as she was preparing to kill Patty and make it look like a suicide to ruin Bob Armstrong's life.
  6. Christian Keene - Struck over the head 13 times with a crobar in defense of Magnolia Barnard.
  7. Gordy Greer - Indirectly pushed him off a cliff after she found out he's the reason for her and her mother's problems.
  8. Unnamed drug dealer - Kicked into a window which caused it to shatter sending a shard of glass into his neck in defense of her mother, Angie Bladell.
  9. Unnamed drug dealer - Accidentaly impaled him with a machete in defense of her mother, Angie Bladell.
  10. Unnamed drug dealer - Shot in the forehead in defense of her mother, Angie Bladell.
  11. Stella Rose Buckley - Strangled her in self-defense as she broke into her bedroom and tried to kill her.


Season 1 (12/12 episodes)

Season 2 (10/10 episodes)


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